Last updated 03/30/2016



ABC Studios is a part of the Walt Disney Company and the ABC Entertainment Group.


While many ABC Studios production policies conform to general industry practices,

there are just as many procedures that are unique to our company.


We have, for example, Casting Administration, Labor Relations, Business Affairs,

Legal Affairs, Production Finance, Safety and Risk Management and other departments

that all have their own “ins-and-outs.”


While working with our company, your key contact is the Production Executive (and

his/her Staff Coordinator.) Production Executives not only guide productions through

Studio policy, paperwork and reporting, but are also extremely knowledgeable industry

professionals who provide a powerful resource to the production team.


Within this manual, major ABC Studios policies and procedures are set forth based on business conducted within the United States, unless otherwise noted; consider it

an important first-step informational resource upon which your Production Executive will

elaborate. For shows outside the United States (e.g. Canada), it is important to consult with all of your covering studio executives to understand how our policies and procedures are handled accordingly.


Set aside some time to scroll through each A-Z section. As issues arise, refer to it for

basic information and procedures. You will save time (and money) by answering

questions and being acquainted with policies earlier rather than later.


Please keep in mind that the Production Manual should be used in conjunction with all other department guidelines and manuals that are provided by them at the start of production (e.g. Accounting Manual from Finance, etc.)


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please refer to the Production Manual Revisions.


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